Clearing out

Oh my goodness.  I am not renowned for my house-keeping skills, but I have been completely engulfed with a wave of clearing.  I know it’s spring and people talk about spring cleaning, but this feels like a tsunami!

It started with the trees at the bottom of the garden.  I cut out the dead wood and sawed back branches to create light for the new shoots below.  Then I stuck the cut off willow sticks into the bank to see which would grow and hauled the rest up the garden where we have been slowly chain-sawing it into next year’s fire wood.

Then the frenzy moved inside.  I painted over the finger marks, fur smudges and chimney sweep charcoal that have gathered over the winter.  Then I moved into the room with the fire and wiped away the cobwebs and soot which has gathered through the long winter evenings.

Then my dressing table re-appeared from under the mess of half used bottles, tissues and confiscated Lego toys which were long forgotten about

  • What do you need to clear out or cut back?


Then the big one.  Periodically I have mused about how the downstairs could look different so that it is more functional and less cluttered.  I could never work it out without spending loads of money and embroiling ourselves in carpentry and sawdust.  Until, walking the dogs, it all fell into place.  If I moved the sofa bed here and the desk there then I could do it with minimal fuss.

So I did.  I had help moving filing cabinets and the heavy furniture, but then, for the next 7 hours I just went at it. Clearing, moving, sorting, hoovering and throwing away and at the end of it we now have two completely different rooms which are much more purposeful and useful.

  • What can you re-arrange so that it suits you better?


So, I’ve done the clearing out, now I want the new stuff to come in.  I want the willow twigs to take, I want new projects to emerge, people to come and visit.  I am impatient, restless, pawing the ground like a horse pulling at the bit to gallop off into the sunset.

Except I don’t know in which direction, and nothing has grown yet, and nothing new has happened.  I want to write something, but nothing is coming. I want to learn something but I don’t know what. I want to have insights but there are none.

Instead I am watching. Eagerly, curiously.  I didn’t know I would be doing so much clearing out.  Maybe there is more clearing to come. I don’t know what will grow, what new things and people will come into my life, but I know they will.  For such is the rhythm of life.  Coming and going. Breathing and out. Clearing and filling. Ebbing and flowing. Waxing and waning.

And all I can do is surrender and go with it.  Allowing myself to be open to what is calling me, allowing myself to flow, allowing myself to feel impatient and eager and knowing that what is meant to grow will grow.

And boy is it hard!

  • Are you ever impatient? What is it you are waiting for? How much control do you have over it?  What can you put energy into to action and what do you have to surrender to and wait?


So while I’m going waiting for the new stuff to come in, I’m going to appreciate some of the stuff which is flowering:

Thank you to all or you who bought Into the Woods here or as a kindle edition on Amazon..I’m looking for an agent as I have 2 novellas written and some short stories

Thank you to those of you who came to my yoga classes.  I’ll be trialing some morning yoga locally if you’d like to come.

Thank you to all the women I have interviewed and will be interviewing for my next book which is about women who are living happily, on their own terms, in their own ways, not following the social rules…if you know anyone who fits that description please put me in touch so I can see if they would like to be interviewed.

Thank you to Julian my amazing web guy who tolerates my constant fiddling around with my page.  Most recently he has added the eco-therapy page and look out for ‘well-being days’ to come.

Thank you to my family and friends for your presence and support.

Thank you to the 2 schools who I work for, I am so lucky to do work that I love that makes a real difference.

  • What do you have to appreciate?  Create a list and let the people know.



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Thanks for being here.