I love it when this happens and just thought I’d share it with you.  When I was away for two weeks at www.kalikalos.com I lent my house to a friend.  I live in a beautiful part of the world, a place where people come on holiday, so when I knew I was going to be away I got in touch with all my friends and asked if they would like to use my house when I was away.  A couple of families were interested and then M and her family said ‘yes please’.   A few more ‘financially savvy’ people told me I should rent out the house, charge people for its use. I just didn’t feel good doing that…I don’t want to take money from friends, so I didn’t.  M and her family came and went and so did we and we all had a holiday somewhere different.

Whilst I was in Greece I contacted friends in the south to see if we could visit. Sadly, J and T and family were going to be away, so we would miss them, ‘but would you like to use our house’!  Of course we would! When I’m in my own house, there always seems to be things to do. The window sills need painting, the back door replacing, the washing pile is endless and the fence needs mending…do you find that too?  When I’m in someone else’s house, none of that is present so although I still cook and wash dishes, it doesn’t feel the same…it feels like a break!  Thank you so much to J and T for your house.

How great is that!  One week in hotels or B and Bs for 4 people in the South East would have cost far more than I’d ever have made by charging people for using my house!

Here’s another example of the how trusting that life conspires to do us good works.  Client A told me on Wednesday that she was going to drop her sessions from once a week to twice monthly. She was concerned that she was in some way letting me down, and of course, for there were financial implications for me. However, the best news for me is when clients feel they’ve got what they need and move on. Like parenting, a coach knows that they have done a good job when the client is ready to ‘leave home’.

Part of my old script (this is an idea from Transactional Analysis to describe a set of beliefs we hold, often unconsciously) is to believe that there isn’t enough for me (enough love, money, food, time..whatever it is…my old  belief was that there isn’t enough for me).  I still fall into that belief sometimes, but the more I focus on the way that the world works and notice that actually there is great abundance when we chose to notice it, the more that belief weakens. So yes I did have a quick dip into ‘oh no I’m going to be £x down next month’, but then I caught myself and let the thought go.  On Thursday I picked up a new client!

Finally kid’s clothes:  I pass on all my children’s clothes to friends who have a boy younger than mine and they appreciate it. This summer two families have passed down clothes to my boys from children older than them…

Exchanging money limits the relationship to one based on trading and value…and how can I value my home and your home?  How can I value my children’s clothes against yours?  Money means we don’t have to share or communicate…you give me a price and I either pay it or don’t…end of conversation. This summer I gave away my house and my children’s clothes and received the same back from different people. Just as I lost one lot of coaching time, I gained another.

I couldn’t have predicted any of those events, I just had to be generous and trust that there is enough for me…and there is enough for you too!

  • What can you give away?
  • What can you offer to share?
  • Where can you see abundance in your life?



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