Journey To Date

I’ve had the same ups and downs that many of us face; divorce, bereavement, the menopause, parenting, juggling work and family, supporting loved ones with mental health issues; you know how life is. I sometimes hit the deck and cry. I sometimes feel stuck, angry, restless, trapped, but over the years I’ve learned how to turn the lemons into lemonade to build a better life for me and those I love.

A wiser person that me once said, ‘The thing that is in the way, is the way’ and I really believe it is.

I follow my instincts and dreams. As a girl watched Black Beauty and awoke every Christmas morning hoping to find a horse in our small semi-detached garden. Horses have been scattered through the years and now their pull is strong I’m following them to where ever they are leading me.

I always dreamed of having children, but was told I wouldn’t have them because I had a medical condition which affected my fertility. But they were wrong, I have absolutely loved mothering and all the learning and changing I have done with my sons.

I wanted to be a ballet dancer, but was too tall and not good enough, but now yoga meets that need for grace, flexibility and strength and made that dream come true.

I dreamed of going to university and, even though I was an average student at school, I went on to get a degree, two masters degrees and a doctorate.

I worked in schools in the South East and saw how the young people were growing up too fast and too surrounded by concrete and screens. I dreamed that if I had children, they would grow up surrounded by animals and fields, so I moved to Wales long before I had children and when I had them, late in life, raised them by a river in a close, local community.

I continued to work in schools, focusing on emotional intelligence, well-being, English, Drama and Psychology. I worked school leaders locally and nationally to make schools more emotionally aware and have long been involved in coaching trainee teachers as well as pupils. I continue to lecture with universities about children, young people, psychology and research.

My ancestry is diverse and both sides of my family travelled long before it became the norm. I grew up writing to my Indian penpal and dreaming of one day visiting her (which I did!). I travelled with little money to India, Thailand, Nepal, Ladakh, Kenya, Bali, Lombok, Iceland, Europe, New York and Israel. I always have itchy feet.

I’m a traveller of inner worlds as well as the outer and draw on philosophy, story, indigenous and body wisdom to help clients and readers sniff their way forwards.

I dreamed of helping people to find what makes their heart sing, to find their power, their freedom and their joy, their ‘thing’  no matter what life brings. I’m a feminist and love working with women to find their voices, and to listen to what it is they love and need. I’ve trained in many therapeutic approaches and my coaching draws on lots of modalities to make sure my clients are able to hear their own callings and dreams.

I dreamed of being a writer and I still write the letters and diaries of my childhood. Now I also write blogs, articles and books and my most recent book launch with illustrator Anita Wyatt sold out.

I tune into my dreams in nature, through listening and reading, through meditation, with friends, horses, trees, seas and time in my hut by the river.

I do things that other people think are mad, like this swim in the Dorset sea at sunrise on New Year’s Day or taking my one year old to a Kibbutz in the middle of the Israeli desert in August for a month, or changing my work to fit around my children even when it meant a financial drop.

I dreamed about having a huge extended family and sharing food and parenting. I found community and soul family with my children at holistic centres where I have facilitated family workshops in beautiful locations like Greece and Dorset.

I wanted to be a farmer’s wife when I was a child, and haven’t been. Now the land is calling to me as it tells me how to live more sustainably, because, although this is a beautiful image, it shows a flood locally which is one small part of the climate catastrophe. I’m dreaming and intuiting my way into living differently, more gently, in a less consumerist, more local, low impact way.

I have spent my life following my next ‘thing’. Work with me to find your joy, your dream, your ‘thing’. 

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