Journey To Date

I’ve had the same ups and downs that many of us face; divorce, bereavement, the menopause, parenting, juggling work and family, supporting loved ones with mental health issues; you know how life is. I sometimes hit the deck and cry. I sometimes feel stuck, angry, restless, trapped, but over the years I’ve learned how to turn the lemons into lemonade to build a better life for me and those I love.

A wiser person that me once said, ‘The thing that is in the way, is the way’ and I really believe it is. I have learned to follow my instincts and dreams, listen to my body, do the research, reflect and feel my way into the life I want to live. I help people do that too.

I work with parents, not because I have parenting nailed, but because I can be with you as you work out how you want to parent, how you want to live, how to juggle work, your partner, the chores and all the beauty and tension being a family, in whatever form, can bring

I wanted to be a ballet dancer, but was too tall and not good enough, but now yoga meets that need for grace, flexibility and strength.

I dreamed of going to university and, even though I was an average student at school, I went on to get a degree, two masters degrees and a doctorate.

What do you want to be? What do you wish you had more time to do? What lights you up? Makes your heart sing? I help people dream large and real, vivid and full of energy. Then together we work on moving through and around the blocks, being alert to opportunities and help, to get you closer to where you want to be.

I have worked in education all my life so do a lot of my coaching work with teachers and school leaders at all stages in their career. I also work with pupils and students from secondary age right through to young adult or support parents to support their youngsters.

I’m a traveller of outer and inner lands so my coaching approach draws on what I have learned in places like India, Thailand, Nepal, Ladakh, Kenya, Bali, Iceland, Europe and Israel. I draw on philosophy, story, indigenous and body wisdom to help clients and readers sniff their way forwards.

I’m a feminist and love working with women to find their voices, their power, their identity, especially during big hormonal upheavals like parenting and the menopause.  Equally, I work work with lots of sensitive men working out how they want to be in the world. I’ve trained in many therapeutic approaches and my coaching draws on lots of modalities to make sure my clients are able to hear their own callings and dreams.

I dreamed of being a writer now I also write blogs, articles and books and my most recent book launch with illustrator Anita Wyatt sold out.

Stories are powerful tools of transformation, so we can work together if you want to write one, tell one or explore the stories you tell yourself.

I tune into my dreams in nature, through listening and reading, through meditation, with friends, horses, trees, seas and time in my hut by the river.

This crazy, tech-busy, seat-based world we can inhabit can switch us off from our bodies and nature, and I have some tools to help you switch that back on to find not only insight and wisdom, but increased health.

I do things that other people think are mad, like this swim in the Dorset sea at sunrise on New Year’s Day or taking my one year old to a Kibbutz in the middle of the Israeli desert in August for a month, or changing my work to fit around my children even when it meant a financial drop.

What are the risks you want to take? How would you like to be more courageous?  Having a space to dare to talk those things aloud, are often the first step towards the things you think could never do or have.

Yearning for community, connection, family?  I found community and soul family with my children at holistic centres where I facilitate family workshops in beautiful locations like Greece and Dorset.

We can work together to find your tribe, your soul family, to build links in your local community so you feel part of a wider circle of support and care.

Worried about climate change and the world we are leaving for the next generations?  Me too. It is so easy to feel disempowered and hopeless, but coaching can help you identify where you can make a difference, where you can use influence, where you can use your skills to do what you can do to make a difference. Change has never happened from the centre, from governments, they are often the last to move.  Think about the suffragettes, the civil rights movement, the battle for equal pay, it was all people like you and me saying ‘no’ and doing things differently.

Coaching can give your the place to work out what it is you want to do, can do, are called to do to add your energy to the global turning of people who want to do the same as you.

I still get coaching, it is one of the ways I look after myself, an investment, an act of love for me, the people I care about and the wider world.  Coaching allows me to be the best I can be, to bring as much love, light and energy as I can to this life I live, and the people and other forms of life I touch. Check out the testimonials for what it has meant to some of my clients and get in touch to chat to find out more.

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