the night when

the veil between worlds is the thinnest,

when witches ride

hard across the night,

when the dead surge to rescue the living

from their mire,

when the full moon

calls us to wilderness,

wakes our wolvish sensing to the




of fabrication,

and manipulation.

You may think this locking … Read more

Easter – Ostara


Easter Sunday and I am just back from my dawn walk and feeling very grateful to have the space and health to go on it.  Dawn is also appropriate as Ostara is the anglo-saxon goddess who represents dawn and spring.

Last Easter, I went with friends to watch the sun rise over the Dorset … Read more

Clearing the old to make room for the new

Clearing out

Oh my goodness.  I am not renowned for my house-keeping skills, but I have been completely engulfed with a wave of clearing.  I know it’s spring and people talk about spring cleaning, but this feels like a tsunami!

It started with the trees at the bottom of the garden.  I cut out the … Read more

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