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What’s your thing? – Podcast with Gemma Hargreaves about paddling in the moonlight

When Gemma turned 40 she decided that she wanted to change her life, even though she wasn’t sure she could. Slowly she built up to triathalons and in the winter, when most of us are struggling to get out of bed, you might find her paddling along the canal, in the dark, terrified, determined and  

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Deep winter wonderings, wanderings – What’s your thing: a podcast episode with Parcifal Solomon

When I first met Parcifal, we were in his grandma’s garden, studying each other from afar, silently.  He had/ has the most arresting blue eyes and was much younger than me.  Our fathers are cousins.  We didn’t meet again for many decades and when we did we clicked and talked but it has really been … Read more