What’s your thing? Yoga with Ceri Evans

This is the first podcast in a series where I find out about what people love to do, what the ‘thing’ is that matters most to them, how they got into it and what it means to them.

I should have declared at the start of this episode that Ceri is the person who got … Read more



the night when

the veil between worlds is the thinnest,

when witches ride

hard across the night,

when the dead surge to rescue the living

from their mire,

when the full moon

calls us to wilderness,

wakes our wolvish sensing to the




of fabrication,

and manipulation.

You may think this locking … Read more

The lonely tree

There is a pain, like no other for me,

the pain of knowing you are together

and I am here.

Locked down, locked away.


The primary classrooms when too tall I towered out of the peer group clusters,

The secondary scythes of wop, diego, spik.

The secret of the shameful family split,

not washing … Read more

When was the last time?

When was the last time you looked into your cat’s eyes and saw curiosity lighting you?

When was the last time you wrapped your arms around your dog and held the soft, warm, body against your stress tight chest?

When was the last time you let a cow’s long trusting tongue wrap around your worried … Read more

Small steps to living more sustainably

Small steps

Small steps I have taken this week to living more sutainably:

In the garden

I’ve ordered some organic bluebells ordered to plant for the spring and the early insects.

I’m reading ‘The One Straw Revolution’ which is all about doing less to grow more (my kind of planting).  As well as being … Read more

Giving Birth Again

Giving Birth

Ok…so, not to another baby…

Giving birth to a different life.

The last time I wrote was at the end of July.  A different life. Since then I have been preparing myself and the boys/young men for the return to the classrooms in September.  One has a mask on all day, the … Read more

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