roller-coaster corona-coaster

Roller-coaster/ Corona- coaster: the ups and downs of emotions caused by covid-19.

Oh yes.

Intense loneliness even though I live with people.

Exhaustion when I have done nothing.

Fuzzy thinking.

Seeing things much more clearly.

Old grief emerging.




Lack of joy.


More creativity, less creativity.




I think … Read more

I’ve been feeling such guilt…

My guilt

I’ve been feeling such guilt.  I’m not doing anything wrong.  I’m staying home, social distancing, not shopping often, I’m not doing anything bad.

I’m just not doing anything useful.

My sister is in the NHS and really is in the thick of it and I see agricultural workers around here doing their bit … Read more

Meditation – what’s the point?

Meditation for hippies?

I’ve been teaching meditation for over thirty years in schools having learned it on a retreat, in the Himalayas, among saffron robes, looking out at eagles swooping across golden terraces of corn.

So far, so hippy right?  That’s what people always used to think when I snuck meditation into my secondary school … Read more

Today I have felt sad all day

Today I have felt sad all day.  I went on my early morning walk but didn’t do yoga before breakfast as usual which isn’t good.

I felt sad because when I went on line into 365 Teams, they were empty, like caverns with just my text echoing off the virtual class room walls.  I miss … Read more

Resilience Strategies for Coping with Covid from New Zealand

I have written before about my admiration for Jacinda Ardern the prime minister of New Zealand and how compassionately she dealt with the Christchurch attacks last year.  What follows is not my work but was on a leaflet forwarded to me by an old colleague (thank you Jon) whose daughter lives in New Zealand. Read more

What is it like to live with someone with depression?

Two weeks ago I published the results of a short survey I asked people to anonymously fill in about anti-depressants.  I then followed up with another survey asking people what it is like to live with someone with depression.  Only 15 people have responded compared to 42 on the other survey.  I wonder if … Read more

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