You know those things that record producers use; is it equalisers?  The thingy that gets the balance right?  (You can tell I’ve spent a lot of time hanging round in recording studios with famous artists can’t you? No? OK, well, in reality, 2 days in a hired recording studio with a boyfriend’s band in my 20s…but still..I remember doing a lot of adoring gazing and coffee fetching..oh the life of a groupie!) of those equaliser thingies that you get the balance right with; I’ve got one.

I made it myself.

Would you like one too?

Here’s mine:

  • All you need to do is draw lines….

Then think about what it is you’re trying to balance in your life.  Here are my word pairs:

Time spent inside————————————————-Time spent outside


alone—————————————————————–with people

quiet —————————————————————–noise

sitting ————————————————————-moving

masculine ———————————————————feminine

Once I had my lines I went along each spectrum and put a mark according to where I thought I was on that issue.  For example, you can see the mark is much closer to ‘sitting’ than it is to moving, which means I spend more time sitting than I do moving.

  • Put your marks on the lines.

Where you put your mark is up to you.  There is no right or wrong.  So again, my mark is much nearer ‘inside’ than ‘outside’ because I just am spending more time indoors than outside.

  • But here’s  the thing.  Now go back along each spectrum and mark where you would like your balance to be.  I’ve marked this with a heart – I was just in one of those moods!

So now you can see that ideally I’d like to spend much more time outside than I am currently spending.  I’m also sitting down much more than I would like to be; I’d prefer to be swimming or walking.

Then of course the question is, what can I or you do about the gap between where our balance currently is and where would like it to be.

I’ve written before about my doing and being balance and I’ll write more about ‘masculine and feminine’ next time so lets look at one of the others.

How can I spend more time outside?  Well, I take the dog for a walk in the dark, so it is outside but not much fun, especially in all this rain.  I used to go for a walk at lunch and break time but I’ve let that drop, so I’m going to add those back into life again.  Also I’m going to meet friends for walks rather than for coffee (thereby killing 2 imbalances with 1 stone; moving and outside, rather than sitting and inside.)

One of the reasons I’m a sun freak is that sun makes it so much easier to be outside  and when I’m outside I’m much more likely to be moving than sitting, and because I swim, I get more alone time…3 big pluses.  But life doesn’t currently consist of living in a hot place near the sea, so I can make small adjustments to get nearer to the balance I want, without expecting it to be perfect.

  • What could you do to get your balances closer to where you would like them to be?

When I’m out of balance I feel stressed and grumpy and the closer I get to lining up the crossed mark with the heart the better I feel and the more energy I have.

I hope my new high tech equalizer helps you find your balance more this week.



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