Let’s talk about anti-depressants

I’ve posted a surveymonkey  asking people about their use of anti-depressants on social media this week to find out how long people use them for and how they feel about it.

‘Anti-depressants – Have you taken them or are you taking them? Would you complete the anonymous survey in the link below as so many

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We’re Going To Relationship Therapy

I wrote, some blogs ago, about how immersed I was in Esther Perel.  One of the things which stood out for me was how she felt she had been in several marriages; to the same man.  Gabor Mate (who is my latest listening/reading obsession) says he has been married 8 times to the … Read more

‘No’ – Speaking our Truth to Power.

Threat of War

At the start of the new term I was listening to the sixth form talking about World War Three. My own kids talked about it after the attack by the USA.

I remember being scared as a child during the Cold War.  The leaflets arrived in our house telling us that in … Read more

How You Can Change The World

Over New Year I was in Dorset again with the people who first brought Greta Thunberg to my attention.  We listened to the Radio 4 interview with Greta and her father and then discussed our responses.  There was some despondency in the room; people feeling disheartened by the anger and negativity Thunberg has attracted, so … Read more

Gratitude Revisited

I’ve written about gratitude before, just after youngest son had broken his arm.

Since then I’ve understood more and more the biology of gratitude, but also I’ve built up a bank of gratitude tools which I use.

John Milton (Poet) once said, “Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of Read more

Cinderella and the Narcissistic Split

This week I saw a client who was caught on the sharp and painful end of a narcissistic split.  Let’s call her Cinderella

The Narcissist

You know the story; Cinderella, mummy and daddy all living happily ever after and then mummy goes and dies.  Daddy, incapable of looking after himself and needing the social approbation … Read more

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