Conflict and the Drama Triangle

I’ve been watching following this week’s debate: ‘to war or not to war with Syria’, on Radio 4 as I drive and despairing.  Haven’t they heard of the the Drama Triangle  by Steve Karpman?

Here is the Drama Triangle which is how Steve Karpman describes the psychological games we play that lead to conflict and … Read more

What if – confession caused depression?

I was talking to a friend who was brought up in a very catholic community.  He was telling me that many of his school friends suffered from depression and/or addiction of some kind (particularly to alcohol). Which got me thinking about why that should be.

What would it be like to go to church every … Read more

Give yourself Positive Strokes (???!!)

I’m loving my work at the moment; teaching people I like things that I’m really interested in and having time to write and coach too.  I feel very lucky and it’s good to be able to appreciate it. For example, the other week I did some training on Transactional Analysis with a great bunch of … Read more

Stressed Kids

Last year I was convinced that Eldest Son was hormonal and that puberty had hit us age 12.  He was bad tempered, moany, grumpy and uncooperative.  Doors were slamming and little brother sometimes came off worse in a ‘play’ fight.

Then we had the summer holidays and I had a different son. He and his … Read more


We were talking about anger the other night, a group of us; men and women.  On the whole we concluded that anger is a tough emotion to know how to deal with.

P and I fall out about anger…often.  My anger goes up like a firework, makes a lot of crackles and then fades just … Read more


This is a blog to thank Susan for reminding me of what I knew and had forgotten – doh!


Chunking is a concept from Neuro Linguistic Programming to help us get things done.

Chunking up is when we make the job, challenge, concept or task bigger by combing it or exaggerating it in order … Read more

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