Yesterday I went walking by this river in my lunch hour and thought about how lucky I am that I can walk, that I have the time, that I work somewhere so succulent and green and cool.

Where the air is sprinkled with bird song and the river is flickering light,

Where the rocks grow green, and yellow, and slow the water into pools,

Where I feel safe, where the path is even, where I can sit by a waterfall and eat my lunch,

Where a wood carving marks a scene from the Mabinogion, 

Where a stone circle shields a fresh sewing of wild flowers,

Where I can barely hear any traffic

Where I can dabble my fingers in the cool, soft, iron water and play like childhood summers all over again,


and I think I must bring the kids here for a walk


and then I remember


one has grown and left home

and one has no interest at all in walking,

let alone walking with his mother

on a path which goes nowhere special.


Then today, I stand at the front door

and watch him walk away to his last day at school

and think , after sixteen years, I will never wash school uniform again.


And then I write this.

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