I spent some of Thursday and all of Friday last week being paid to walk in the sun.  How marvellous is that?

I walked with coaching clients from their place of work around the block of neat cut lawns, then down a lane, high walled with hawthorn and rose hips, red in welcome.  Sometimes we go to the fields and stand and stare before turning back. Other times we swing through the woody track, stroking dogs, dodging puddles and nettles. Sometimes we wind to the small stone bridge across the chatting brook, and watch the gold water flow over mossy rocks.

It is one of the positive legacies of covid days. Before, in spite of my invitation to movement, clients wanted to sit and talk, happy with the four walls, windows shut.  Then it was safer in the rain than at a desk, and now, 3 years on, walking and talking just seems to be the default. I always ask, they always have a choice, but last week only one in nine conversations happened seated.

There is a time for sitting eye to eye, but it can be intense, can for some, make words stumble, our thought censor can interfere, butts in.  But when I keep step, match your pace, feel the same wind, sun, rain, it seem to help clients find a wider perspective with more ease, their skin and legs help them discern what is real and what is not.

How lucky I feel to have this space and beauty surrounding one of my places of work.  How much difference it makes to so many coaching conversations, the movement, the cat who stops us and goes to you, the bird who calls us awake. The gentle sway of hips and shoulders helps the mind dally and deepen. The seasons passing share their metaphors, their circular wisdom. The air encourages deep breath.

My mum and dad both called us to walking at the weekend as kids and we had a dog who daily demanded orchards and woods, and I am so, so grateful for the legacy. Walking has kept me sane, and I see daily, hourly, the difference it makes to clients.

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Thanks for being here.

Julie Leoni
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