Sadness is a dark ink which pours, spills onto the page but

Joy is harder to write

it flutters in rainbows of diffuse light, moving, it doesn’t easily land, wants to keep on swirling, spiralling like pollen on the river, like mayflies as they bounce on springs of gossamer in the slow summer evenings.

Joy is cool dawn, smooth silk, swallow swoop as the mist rises and the fish gather in the shallows, letting the water lift weight so bodies float

Joy finds the beat and moves her hips, her feet, lights the eyes and dapples the skin laughing

Joy joins with flank and friend in the wide open of hill and wood as the solstice sun sets.

Joy in small moments of sparrow hop, thrush song, a shared joke, a hug, a stretch, a snuggle…

and love, and love, and vast, expansive, womb encompassing love for

the moment that is



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