On Friday I helped a friend move house.  Me and at least 12 other people gave the time and energy that we could. It was hot, so hot.  We sweated and heaved, scratched our heads at ratchet traps and worked together to safely lift sofas and beds, chairs and wardrobes in and out.

And I loved it, the aches and scrapes, the tight spots and the ‘how will that get through there?’s. We laughed a lot and I think all of us felt a sense of purpose, connection and collaboration.

Because we were suddenly a community even though some of us didn’t know each other and some had only met once or twice in a nod and a pass. The act of having something to collaborate on, something and someone we cared, about pulled us together for a common aim to get things done.

And we did, because she needed to be in her new home and one way or another, the piano was going to join her. Failure, was not an option and love and laughter solved all the problems and obstacles as they arose one by one.

Which makes me wonder, what if we created pop-up, time limited, very focused communities to move the world on, one move at a time.

Imagine if we said, right, we have 12 hours, 12 people and we are going to: find someone to fund this wood, this youth counselling service, get this space cleared and planted for a community orchard, train local people in this or that so this community need is met.

Maybe all it takes to change the world is a bunch of people willing to sweat and lift together for a day to get things moving so we create the home-planet our children and theirs can comfortably live in.

So what will the next moving day be?

(ps…this isn’t a picture of us because I’m not sure any one took any and even if we had, I’m not sure they would be sweat free enough for public consumption!)

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Thanks for being here.

Julie Leoni
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