When you wake up

and it is pouring with rain in August

and instead of reaching for your phone you get up, feed the cat, cover up in waterproofs and step outside to walk the same block you have walked for years

when as you walk and the rain taps the hood of your coat, runs down your nose, soaks through your oldest walking shoes

when the puddles gather as you walk, the birds are quiet, roosting, the river is brown, rising

when you have to step into the kerb when the lorries send tidal waves

when in spite of, because of all this

you are grateful for legs that work, lungs that breathe, safety to walk alone

you remember that half of Europe burns, that parts of the world are turning desert, where people would dance and sing in praise of rain to drink, for crops, for livestock

then, then, then

is there such love for rain

for the polish it gives the green, for the cool, for the grey, for the growth, for the succulence

for the tingle as it drips from my hair

onto my skin.


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Julie Leoni
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