I’m on holiday. I love holidays as I seem to have more time to stop and stare.
We’ve returned to the same place on holiday; partly for the sun and sea, but also because of the people who run the Alter Ego cafe in Agistri.
Yianna and her daughters Katerina and Vaso run the bar and accommodation and they are very much part of the reason we have returned and they are a great illustration, not just of what makes a good business, but what makes a good team.
As you read through have a think about some of the teams you are involved with at work or personally and see if there are similarities.
They say ‘yes’ a lot.
I can’t think of anything we have asked for that hasn’t been greeted with a yes. They cook food the way the kids want it. They have found out about taxis, boat rides, and bike hire for us. They have found someone to do some washing for us. They let us work from their cafe and they have provided what ever we need to make our stay comfortable.
They look for solutions rather than problems or excuses
The support each other
They give each other breaks, back each other up, have coffee and a chat, and use their skills to complement each other.
They collaborate
There is no top dogging here, no competition for which individual is the best. They know that what is best for the business is to collaborate. As my friend Jo always says; ‘there is no ‘I’ in team’.
They are discreet
They most know a whole lot of gossip about all their clients and guests as they spend time talking to them but I have never heard them talk about anyone else or share information about anyone else.
They are forward looking
They were the first people on the island to have a swimming pool and now they are looking into an alternative currency and loyalty system to counteract the economic crisis in Greece; they are ahead of the game.
They take a chance
They don’t want to stand still so they try out new things to see if they work. Bar B Q nights, Greek nights, loyalty schemes could all go wrong, but they take chance and work hard to make things a success

They care about their clients
When one of us was ill, they sent snacks, concern and offers of medical help. They ask about our day without an agenda. They listen and remember what we have told them and then remember to ask about it again.
They treat us like friends rather than clients.
When we arrived the second time we were met with hugs and smiles and they we’re phony ‘have a nice day’ smiles, but real and warm. They always have time to help and time to listen and laugh.
They work hard and then take a break.
All summer they work from early morning until early the next morning. They take a break in the winter to recover and know the importance of having time out so that they can recover and regroup and reflect.
They have fun
Whether it is laughing with each other or us, playing with the kids in the pool or dancing like dervishes at the Greek night, they know how to enjoy themselves at work.
They give clients space and time
I have been getting up every morning and writing and they leave me to it. P has been working and using their internet and they leave him to it. The kids have been in the pool and they are left to play. No one pesters us for drinks or food, there is no pressure to spend, bur when we want anything there are graciously there.
There is no hard sell, just information.
We found this place by accident, we were actually booked into somewhere else that didn’t really work for the kids. We had wondered down to have a drink and consider our options and just happened to ask if they had rooms. They did. They showed us the rooms, gave us the prices, answered our questions and listened to what we wanted and then left us to decide. No pressure, no selling, just information, listening and kindness.
It feels like home from home
Or rather how I wish my home was- clean, tidy, with great food and comfort. Anything we need, the provide, nothing seems like too much bother.

alternative family holidays
Part of the team

Which of these traits does your team have?
Are there any traits that your team has that help you all succeed?
Are there any traits you would like to develop and how could you do that?
Have another look at the traits and see how many of them you do in your family?
Are there any you would like to develop at home?
How could you do that?
Happy holidays


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Thanks for being here.

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