Happy Mid Winter Solstice

The night of the 20th-21st December was the longest night of 2017.  In the middle of winter, the solstice was traditionally celebrated as the time of honouring the coming of the sun.

In the depth of the dark, we remember the coming of the light.

This is my magnolia tree.solstice

Most of it’s leaves have been scattered by the snow and rain.

It’s roots have been covered in icy, white.

It must be cold.

It is nearly naked.

And yet….

Even as it sheds, it is creating.

Because look: there is a bud.

New life.

New life, alongside death.

Light alongside dark.

Not separate.

Here at the same time.

Isn’t life amazing?

Wishing you love, peace and increased health this solstice.

Love Julie


I’ve got the dates for the  Women’s Red Tents for 2018 on the Events page and I’d love to see you on one of the mini-retreats for 2018 which are open to men and women alike.  Please have a look at the page and see if there is anything you or a friend would like.


Lots of love and best wishes for 2018


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