My family survived World War Two because of the kindness of strangers.

Without those strangers I wouldn’t be here.

I am not perfect or special but I have tried to live a life where I contribute positively to the world, not just through my coaching, teaching, writing, but how I show up in the world.

Now it is our turn to be the people who help strangers. Amongst this community we have spare rooms and enough money to feed another family and keep them warm.

If I had to escape, I would want to take my children or parents to another family, to be part of a home.

Yesterday the Home Secretary’s announced the opening of the Ukrainian Sponsorship Humanitarian Visa Offer, which will provide a route to the UK for Ukrainians who do not have family ties with the UK but who can be matched with individuals, businesses, community organisations or Local Authorities willing and able to act as a sponsor.

Email your MP and ask about this, email your Local Authority to find out what is happening in your area.

This isn’t political. It is family to family, mother to mother, father to father, grandparent to grandparent.

Being active in a crisis is good for us as well as them, reducing stress and trauma because we are activating the adrenalin (Van Der Kolk).

Let’s see what we can do as imperfect human beings.


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