This is a conversation with Dorota Owen about community, magic and manifestation.

I met Dorota Owen when I took my first holiday as a single parent.  She was there with her three children and remains today one of the best facilitators I have evern had the fortune of being with.

She oozed glamour and wove magic, charming my shy boys into play and community.  We soon got used to ‘welcoming’ the food before we ate it, we didn’t question cleaning our rooms and the shared space every Friday even though we were on holiday and we loved washing up with the other families there with us.  Such was our introduction to Findhorn life.

I will leave Dorota to explain more about Findhorn in our podcast conversation, but being on that holiday and having a Findhorn experience, changed my single parenting life.  Instead of eating alone, we took turns in cooking for other mums and kids at the school gates, we shared gardens, toys, child care and we were all enriched by the community we created.

I love living where I do, and adding the Findhorn feel to our local community helped all of us and our children flourish.  In our conversation Dorota talks about self-care, parenting and Findhorn as she shares her own story.  I hope you enjoy it.

You can find out more about Dorota on her website: and the Miracle Game Dorota talks about is here:

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