A friend introduced me to Ruth Cato’s work and I booked twice to attend a shamanic dreaming and drumming event, but was thwarted once by snow, again by flood and then, of course, by pandemic.  Or not.  Instead we did a shamanic session over Zoom…very new age and new tech!

I’ll let Ruth explain what her work is and how she does it in our podcast conversation, but for me she created a safe space where I could tune into myself and feel what was wanting to be felt.

Our second session was at the point in the lockdown where Boris was encouraging us to ‘Eat out to help out’ and I was struggling with the disonance between what the politicians were saying and what the science was saying.  The conflict between the two felt intolerable and so when we went into the meditative, embodied space and tuned into what I wasn’t allowing myself to feel, a rage rose like a tsunami.  I sobbed and wailed and snarled and it was SUCH a relief.  Afterwards my body felt lighter, I felt more in line with myself and weirdly, I felt more compassion for myself, others and even the leaders of this muddly world.

Ruth describes her journey and shares some links to her mentors on the podcast link above.

You can find out more about Ruth at: Ruthcato.com

The anthropologists Ruth learned from are Prf Chris Knight and Camilla Power of UCL and the Radical Anthropology Group or RAG.  She has also been influenced by:



Janine Parvarti Baker was one of Jane’s original teachers in Shamanic Womancraft.

And the books Ruth mentioned:

The history of Magic by Chris Godson

The tribe of Witches by Stephen Yeates

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