What’s Your Thing? – Podcast episode with Sami Blackford

I had a lovely conversation this week with Sami Blackford who started her journey to creating Freya Luna Skincare as a teenager with acne.  Join us as we meander through lavendar, women in business, organic growing and how to value what we do.  You can find out more about Sami and Freyaluna here: https://freyaluna.co.uk/.

You … Read more

What’s your thing? Podcast with with Ceri Evans – Turiya Yoga

This is the first podcast in a series where I find out about what people love to do, what the ‘thing’ is that matters most to them, how they got into it and what it means to them.

I should have declared at the start of this episode that Ceri is the person who got … Read more

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