Pete Mosely helped my first book be born.  He midwifed it from conception, through pregnancy into the world, calmly, patiently, reassuring me just to take one breathe at a time.

Talking with Pete is like a slow stroll in a meadow speckled with a myriad of wild-flowers.  He is so calm, considered, thoughtful.  I want to hang on to his every word because he think about each one, feeling the weight and texture of his words before expressing them.  He talks about connecting with people through our values for the long term and how taking it slowly is just fine.

Pete’s books; ‘Making your Creativity Pay’ and ‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’ support creative, quiet people share their gifts to the world.  They spoke to me.

I’m not good at blowing my own trumpet, at telling the world what I’m good at.  I get squirmy when people want to talk about me in a good way.  One of my regrets is the moment I told my dad to ‘Wait until after dinner’ to make the speech he had written for me for my 50th birthday.  Time moved on and he didn’t make it and later his wife told me how disappointed he had been.  My regret is greater as she died soon after and so dad never got to make that speech to me with her. All because it made me squirm.

I have illustrator Anita Wyatt to thank for the sell out book launch of Into the Woods because she just went out and told people to come whilst I hoped they would, and just ‘mentioned’ it.

So you can see why I’m drawn to Pete’s work and looking forward to his next book.  I am a work in progress in the art of shouting loudly.

You can listen to our conversation here or below:

Pete Mosely is a life coach and maker who has written books and works with creative people who are quiet.  Join us in conversation about why both quiet people and creativity are so important for human beings, now, more than ever.
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