Me Me Me and The European Cup

This blog goes out to all those people whose house has been invaded by the European Cup, to all the football widows, all the mums with sons who just don’t get what it’s all about but watch it anyway, to all the brothers, sisters, dads, uncles and grandparents who feel like they can’t escape the … Read more

Dangerous Old Woman

I’ve just been listening to a podcast about the Dangerous Old Woman on Sounds True By Clarissa Pinkola Estes (CPE).

CPE describes the Dangerous Old Woman as one who goes where she wants, says what she wants and will speak her mind.  She is afraid of no-one, follows no rules, but listens to her own … Read more

Beautiful You (and the 2016 Pirelli Calendar)

I got to thinking about beauty and what makes people beautiful when I was reading about the 2016 Pirelli calendar.

Pirelli are famous for their calendars.  Their calendars are of women. The 2015 calendar was awash with bondage type rubber, nipples, body oil and angular hips.  Back in the 60s it was girls in … Read more

Women’s Rights

I went to watch ‘Suffragette’ this week whilst lovely man took one for the team and took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania 2 (apparently I own him big time!).

We all know about suffragettes don’t we?  About how they chained themselves to railings and how one, Emily Davison (jailed 9 times and force fed … Read more


I’m 48 and I’m forgetting things.  I forget what I walked out the room to get.  I want to use one word and another word comes out even when I can see the word I want in my minds eye.

I have days when I wake up with a sense of doom. I can’t put … Read more

Women and Divorce

I’m in the middle of writing my next book which is about how to make the best of the end of a relationship whether it is ending through divorce, separation or bereavement (they are more similar than you might think).

As you know, I’m divorced and I know lots of people who are also divorced.  … Read more

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