If you could be happier with how you looked

you would spend less on products which didn’t do what they promised,

animals wouldn’t be tested on,

you wouldn’t poison your face like a rat,

the industry would collapse.


What might grow instead?


If you could be happier with moving slowly,

you wouldn’t need a new a car,

you might walk or bike or take the bus,

you would talk to people you met on the way,

we wouldn’t need so much fuel,

the planet would cheer.


What else might grow?


If you could be happier with what you have

you wouldn’t need new clothes, a new phone, a new house.

Imagine how much money and time you would save.


What else  might you grow?


If you were happier with what you earned

maybe you would work part time,

go to the park with the kids,

walk arm in arm with friends,

maybe you would do what you loved

and find ways to love what you do.


Imagine what you could grow.


If you were happier with who you were

you could stop dieting, smoking, worrying,

stop trying to be perfect.


Imagine how you might grow.


If you could be happier with this moment;

the earth beneath your feet, the rain in your hair,

then you could plan, but not feel anxious about the future,

reflect and accept, but not regret the past.


Imagine what might grow


If you knew that happiness

was just one of a magnificent rainbow of emotions

from blue sorrow to bright sunshine joy

then imagine how you could embrace all of them.


Imagine what might grow.


Imagine what you might grow

if you could move from ‘I’ll be happy when..’

to ‘I’m happy with…’


How so much could grow…


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