Big cars

small cars

four wheel drive

or two.

Coffee cup holders middle or side

heated seats and steering wheel too.

Which make or model?

Too much choice

eco, hybrid,

second hand

or new?


‘When we leave home will you do what old people do?

Buy a really expensive car

because you don’t have us to drive around?’


I want to say,

‘It makes me heart ache to think of that day’


‘There will always be place in my car, my home, my heart for you two’


I turn away and think.


The car I will chose then will be a horse,

so that I can ride

hips swaying gently,

hair pulled back loosely in a matching pony tail

down a dusty road

lined with olive trees to a village

where I am home and known

where I can buy fresh bread

and juice

and sit a while

in the square

drinking mint tea

in cupped hands,

before filling old saddle bags

with home grown tomatoes

plump peaches,

warm eggs

crisp leaves,

white cheese,

and riding back up the winding track

overlooking the glittering sea

to lay a large wooden scrubbed table

under the wisteria shade

to break bread

with the hands of people I love

whilst the sun dapples our skin.


‘A horse’ I say.

‘When that time comes I will travel only by horse.’


He tuts,

rolls his eyes

runs his fingers over

a shiny bonnet

and drifts away.


Thank you to Jon Lydon for another great photo  …ps..Jon Lydon used to teach me art in secondary school and then was later a colleague who I am very grateful to have known.

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