Happy Mid Winter Solstice

The night of the 20th-21st December was the longest night of 2017.  In the middle of winter, the solstice was traditionally celebrated as the time of honouring the coming of the sun.

In the depth of the dark, we remember the coming of the light.

This is my magnolia tree.solstice

Most of it’s leaves have … Read more

Women’s Wisdom – How we create magic in the world.

Where and how do we connect with wisdom?

I know one man who is a sufi and goes on retreats in the Alps for a week.

I know some men who make a monthly commitment to running a sweat-lodge.

I have met a swami who travels the world sharing his meditations and wisdom.

I know … Read more

Torn – Diving into the tear

Last week I wrote about how torn I felt about not going to the sweatlodge and it was one of those blogs which hit a chord with a number of women.


Thank you to those of you who replied because those conversations and email exchanges have helped me think about this some more.  Thank … Read more

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