Surviving lock-down by treating it as a retreat

When I first moved to Wales, I left behind a lovely therapist in Kent.  Before I left her, she recommended a place in London called CCPE where I could learn more.  Once in Wales, I came to London to do a weekend at CCPE and catch up with southern friends.  The weekend was called ‘Alchemy, Read more

Easter – Ostara


Easter Sunday and I am just back from my dawn walk and feeling very grateful to have the space and health to go on it.  Dawn is also appropriate as Ostara is the anglo-saxon goddess who represents dawn and spring.

Last Easter, I went with friends to watch the sun rise over the Dorset … Read more

I’ve been feeling such guilt…

My guilt

I’ve been feeling such guilt.  I’m not doing anything wrong.  I’m staying home, social distancing, not shopping often, I’m not doing anything bad.

I’m just not doing anything useful.

My sister is in the NHS and really is in the thick of it and I see agricultural workers around here doing their bit … Read more


I don’t have many words this week…just images of autumn and fragments of thoughts.


I learnt to knit during half term and have made three scarves and am loving the feeling of the needles moving and the wool weaving.


I am learning to ride.  I can transition from walk to trot to canter and back … Read more

I met the woman I would like to be

I met the woman I would like to be for only a fleeting moment, but one which is planted in my mind powerful and deep.

I was walking along the Dorset path, through the woods, across the heath and down to hill to the pebbled sea, and as I walked, I saw a couple talking … Read more

School is Here.

My son wrote this poem at the end of his first day at secondary school and it so sums up how I feel too….I love it!

School is Here


School is here, you can tell.


The grudginess from within is brought to our unstable souls as well,

One second you can be at … Read more

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