…I’ve brushed my hair,

tied my shoes,

am just leaning in to shout goodbye to my son when

there, by the back door window I see you.

Brown, gold, white,

three stripes on your tail,

perched high on an upright plank of wood.


You know I am here, watching,

inside while you are out.


You turn towards the window then back to the hedge

your yellow eyes stare through the clutter of firewood stacks,

old bikes, boxes waiting for recycling

into the dense quilt of flowering ivy

still buzzing with wasps so late in the season.


What you see

is invisible to me.


This way, that.

A noise out there draws you back.

I stand behind class,

caged in



Then son opens the door,

dressing gown on,

breaks the spell.


You twist,


let my son see,

then swoop away.


We head out and on with our days


Thank you to  https://www.freepik.com/author/jesusgiraldogutierrezdelolmo for the copywrite free image

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