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Death, dying and the family

Before I left for Greece, I went out for a walk today with Lyn from the village and we talked about death and dying…and laughed a lot.

Which for some people might seem weird.

Lyn’s sister Jane died of breast cancer 8 years when only in her 30s and now her mum’s been told that … Read more

Weird Mum

At last summer has come. I’m sitting in the garden and it’s still light and warm as I write this at 10pm – hooray!

My eldest son is, I think just entering Tweendom, which, if you google, means that he’s in a strange pre-teen phase which seems to have involved hourly strops, tears and bossiness … Read more

Coaching for Kids


The end of the Easter holidays draw nigh and I feel a huge amount of sadness as I’ve loved having time with the kids, and with friends.  I’ve enjoyed the lazy mornings and unstructured and unhurried nature of the days.

I’m also looking forward to getting back to work, clients and writing.

Over Easter … Read more

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