Here we are on day 9 in Greece and it’s feeling a bit more ‘normal’ or it would be if Youngest wasn’t covered in mosquito bites (we’ve now erected a palatial white mosquito net to see if we can protect him tomorrow night and have found toxic yuk to spray on him

We were up at 5 am on the Friday we travelled and arrived here about 7pm Greek time (2 hours ahead) so however you look at it, that was a long journey; car to airport, plane, taxi…collapse.

The kids did really well. I took my lap top and so they watched Rango on DVD on it (doh!) Why have I never thought of that before?  They were little stars…they read, and coloured and looked out of windows and even had a little doze.

How did this happen? Luck and some judgement.

The lucky bit was that everything ran on time and that the kids were in a good mood.

The judgement bit was to do with planning and being a bit of a fascist when it comes to in-travel arrangements.

We took a packed lunch which could be eaten by hand, on the plane without too much fuss and mess.

They each took toys, which they were responsible for packing and carrying  – none of which made noises and all of which required imagination such as plastic action heroes and Lego.

Old fashioned toys like chess and cards mean that they have to stop, think and consider and not just get the adrenalin fueled it of the hand held electrical device such as a DS.

They are also used to being bored on journeys. We don’t have in car videos nor do they have electronic games. We have to endure Radio 1 from time to time by return they have to listen to Radio 4 when it’s our turn.

We listen to story tapes…sometimes Alice in Wonderland, and at others novels such as a Passage to India.

Do they understand everything? I don’t think so, but they get enough to keep them interested and they learn bit they didn’t know before.

And sometimes they just have to sit and gaze out of the window and be bored. Because actually life sometimes is boring.

We all have to sit through meetings, queues, and conversations which are boring, and as the lovely Kim Morgan said, you have to ‘manage yourself’.

The world isn’t there for your entertainment, we have to make it ourselves.

  • What do you do with the kids when you travel?
  • What are your expectations of them?
  • How could you change it to make it even easier?

I’m really proud of how the kids travel. They are used to airports, trains and cars. They are used to spending time waiting. They know that it’s part of what needs to happen in order to have fun.

And sometimes waiting is part of the fun, even if it does mean sitting still and window gazing.

When you do it with people you bad can it be?



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