After I got back from Family Fortnight at Holistic Holiday Center Kalikalos in Greece.

We had a fantastic time living and working and learning with interesting people. Dr Ellen Storm has written a great blog describing the experience. Have a read of Ellen Storm‘s blog to find out more.

When we’re in Greece, everything is shared: space, food, cars, work, childcare and learning and everyday life is richer for it.  Community Sharing  is a way of living and sharing which means that everyone has more for less.

My constant question to myself in Greece and now at home, is how to bring community living home with me. Community living  is a growing movement with people living in co-housing units, Eco-villages and sustainable communities.     Local initiatives such as Oswestry’s Incredible Edibles  are encouraging communities to look differently at how resources are used (have a look at this map of local food growing initiatives and think about what you could do near you).

I don’t have answers, just questions. How do we live more sustainably? How do we share more? How do we look after each other more?

Answers on a post card….



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