Thank you to Lucy and Naomi for sharing your experiences of covid at this weird time.

Lucy in Northern Ireland – age 12

  1. Where are you? I am In Portglenone /Northern Ireland.
  2. How is everyone in your family?   Everyone is keeping well, my daddy has a cough and we are isolating but he is not sick.
  3. How do you feel about all this?   Scared, anxious
  4. How has your daily life changed?  No school or sport
  5. What do you enjoy about the change?  Enjoy baking and sorting out stuff
  6. What do you miss?  Miss friends and sports
  7. What do you find especially hard?  Not seeing my grandparents
  8. What are you worried about?  Worried in case grandparents take sick.
  9. What are you hopeful about?  Hoping it will end soon
  10. What are you doing/thinking which is helping you cope?  Baking,jogging.

Naomi in Surrey age 12

1.       Where are you?  Surrey  Age 12

2.       How is everyone in your family?  My mum is happy but I think she’s a bit worried. My sister seems happy but a bit sad she’s not with her friends. My dad seems work focused but relaxed. And Iain  is very concentrated on staying safe and clean.

3.       How do you feel about all this?  This worries me slightly but I know that no one I know Is fully panicking so I’m not that worried yet

4.       How has your daily life changed?  My daily life has gotten a lot less stressful  because I don’t have to pack for school and travel twice a day and speak to lots of people, I feel like I’m getting more work done in a shorter time which I like.

5.       What do you enjoy about the change?  I enjoy feeling more productive and not having to go anywhere too far.

6.       What do you miss?  I miss seeing my best friends and just having the normal freedom of going out

7.       What do you find especially hard?  I find keeping myself entertained after my school has finished quite difficult because everyone’s doing their own things and my family still have work to do

8.       What are you worried about?  I’m worried my good grades that I finished school with will drop when I come back.

9.       What are you hopeful about?  I’m hopeful about getting to see my friends and more distant family after this is over because we’ll appreciate them more.

10.   What are you doing/thinking which is helping you cope?  I’m doing as many active things that I can (keeping up with gymnastics, going on runs)

11.   Is there any advice you would give other young people?  My only advice is to just make sure you’re keeping up with school, maybe turn off the notifications on your computer so you don’t feel like you’re getting a ton of work at once, and maybe find a new hobby to keep you entertained.

(Thanks Jo Ebrey for another lovely photo x)

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