My lovely friend Dorota has spent the last year or so working in China and so has kindly asked friends to share their messages with us about covid:


From my friend Isha in China , she inspired our network of Ambassadors of Happiness 这次疫情是对全人类自私无知的警醒,更加彰显了幸福共同体理念的重要性,我们需要打破国界与心灵分别的界限,净化内心,从戴口罩到关注饮食和说话尽量不对人造成伤害,这也更凸显了我们幸福使者联盟初心的意义,特别是各位幸福导师用你们的智慧去唤醒人们提升幸福意识,保护环境与心灵,放下小我,万物一体。 我和男友@见纲 在疫情期间连续数月每日抄写佛经,为全世界而祈福,也为各位祈福。我同时也在重庆鸿恩寺森林公园装修我们的幸福小院,请大家多保重身体,期待疫情结束早日与各位重聚,到时候我亲自下厨做中国美食给各位吃

This outbreak is ignorance of human selfish alert, more reveal the importance of happiness concept of community, we need to break the national boundaries and heart boundaries, respectively, to purify the heart, speak from wearing masks to pay attention to diet and try to not hurt, it also highlights the more we happy angel union significance of beginner’s mind, especially with all of you happy teacher use your wisdom to awaken awareness increasing happiness, protect the environment and spirit, put down ego, all things together. During the outbreak, my boyfriend and I wrote buddhist scriptures every day for months, praying for the world and for all of you. I am also in chongqing hongen temple forest park to decorate our happy courtyard, please take care of your health, look forward to the end of the epidemic with you as soon as possible, when I personally cook Chinese food for you to eat

Grace Gou

Self-#quarantined at home for two months at home in Beijing already. So far, how has the “experiment” been?😏 There was certainly fear and anxiety at the beginning, but I learned to embrace my fear, knowing it was trying to tell me something deeper about myself. I choose to #trust life and allow life to work for me and through me. I’ve learned that the true power of “#Freedom” is inside of me, regardless of how the external appears. I’ve learned to live a more #conscious lifestyle, one that is more aligned with who I truly am, physically, spiritually, mentally. Thanks to the quarantine, I got time to take online courses and got the certificate as a “#Transformation Life Coach”. Coronavirus, this too shall pass. Let’s embrace the uncertainty ahead and support each other. 💖 Warmest🌞 thoughts to everyone.

Practical ways of dealing with the emotions we are experiencing

I’ve been doing some online learning to increase my knowledge of narrative therapy and found this amazing resource put together by Chinese narrative therapists which has some really wise insights and also some very practical tools about how to deal with covid.  Take a look here.


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