This is a something I wrote for friends who got married 18 months ago.  I wanted to write a story for them on their wedding day but Love had other ideas; it wanted to write them letter so I decided to get out of the way and be Love’s secretary!  Here’s what Love had to say!

Dear lovers,

Love here. I’ve told Julie to type as its tricky being disembodied, but I wanted to have my word before tomorrow.

Right, let’s get to the point. I’ve watched as you have learned what love isn’t. I’ve seen you cry and watched you hurt and feel betrayed. That wasn’t me, that wasn’t love.

Lies, deceit, betrayal, bullying, sneaking, name calling, you know that they aren’t me.  Of course people like to do those things in my name, but they’re using my name in vain. I’m so pleased you know that and I’m sorry that the course wasn’t always easy, but that’s how it has to be some times.

So, you know what love isn’t, so I don’t want you hiding behind lies or secrets in the name of love in your marriage – oh no. I’m not getting involved in any of those things – they belong to fear and have nothing to do with me.

If you feel like fear is tricking you into doing any of those things, just ask for me, ask ‘what would love do?’ and I’ll be there lickety-split to give you my answer – which you will already know, but you humans get so forgetful and confused sometimes.

I need to warn you too that fear gets sneaky. It steals some of my gifts and misuses them. Sex. Truth. Intimacy. Vulnerability. Authenticity. These are things that Fear and I fight over. Fear can manipulate you into having sex when you didn’t want to , or withholding it to punish and protect yourself. Fear steals intimacy, truth and vulnerability and holds them hostage with promises of ‘you can be vulnerable when ….’ I want to tell you this Loud And Clear …that’s fear talking, not me.

Because what I want to say to you is that I’m happy for you to speak your truth and be vulnerable whenever it feels good to you to do it. Yes of course fear can show up just as you’re about to ask for something you need, or feel something you feel, but we can ignore him and do it anyway.

I’m very simple. It’s just you humans that think that Love is something hard that you have to achieve. You see, the thing is, you ARE love. Simple as. You just forget it. You can work out when you have forgotten that you are love because that’s when you feel bad. You know you’re connected to Love when you feel good.  So simple – honestly…we didn’t imagine that you humans would be so poor at working this out. Dogs seem to get it, but humans, oh no.

You humans think that you need stuff and people and situations so that you can feel love. Wrong, wrong, wrong. You never need anything outside of yourself to feel Love – you just think you do.

Julie’s interrupting here as she thinks I’m being ‘unromantic’ on the eve of your wedding, but romance is just another part of your human confusion – I hate being dressed up in all that pink fluffy stuff for goodness sake – get a grip.

You are Love. He is Love. You humans talk about falling in love which makes it sound like I’m some kind of big puddle – thanks! That feeling that you get when you are together, that’s just you recognising him as Love and him recognising you as Love…you both have always been love…you just forgot.

You humans also think that you just get to ‘fall in love’ and ‘fall out of love’ like it’s something that you have nothing to do with. Of course you have to do something. Doh!

I’m not some kind of magic you know! You have to keep me with you, invite me into every conversation, every row, every touch, every look, every decision you make, every sadness you feel, every party you go to, every hospital you visit. I’m always available, 24/7 as you humans like to say, and beyond.

It’s your bodies that are finite, not me, oh no, I was here before you were born and I’ll be here after you’ve died, but you’ve got to call me in.

You could wait for me to just pop round and I might do sometimes, but that’s a bit hit and miss isn’t it? Really I’d rather be invited, so I know you’re going to pay attention to me. Call to me on waking, call on me as you go to sleep. I’m always waiting so don’t forget about me.

Getting married is a big deal for you humans, I know that. It’s because you think that you have found the person you can love most in the world. Well, I hate to rain on your parade, but you’re wrong.

You see the person you actually need to be loving most in the world is yourself and I want you to remember that because it is only when you can truly see yourself as love that you can love another person.

In fact, let’s make it even simpler than that (lord knows I’ve tried to make it simple but you humans make things so complicated). You just have to remember that you ARE love. Then remember that he IS love. If you’re being a bitch or he’s being a bugger, it’s just because you’ve forgotten that you are Love and so Fear has sneaked in and is having a field day. Fear will whisper in your ear, make up stories, wake you from your sleep and make you question that you are love.

You have both known fear. So keep your eyes peeled for when fear has snuck in between you. You don’t even have to kick fear out, just call me in and he’ll soon shift, fear can’t exist with Love around – aha- the joy of being a superpower!

Listen, I know you know this stuff and I don’t want to teach you to suck eggs (what weird phrases you humans use), I just wanted to have my say before tomorrow. I want you to know that I have your back at all times, in all places, there is nothing that you and I can’t do together and as long as you remember me, you two will to ace it.

Love, can only bring you closer to Love.

You are a friend, a daughter, a worker, a lover and thinker, a mother, a sister and I want you to take all those things with you into your marriage and I’m excited to see what more you will be.

You see, I don’t want you to be smaller (that’ll be fear up to his old tricks again). I want you to be bigger, to be more than you could ever imagine. I want you to glow, to shine and to sparkle and that’s why I’m so excited about your marriage because when 2 humans remind each other that they are Love and that they are beloved, they are unstoppable.

I want you two to expand in love, to grow in love, to spread your love, to be me, to be love.
You see, you owe it to the world you know. When love meets love, love expands and what more does the world need than love?

So, Julie says I’ve gone on a bit, which frankly is a bit rich coming from her, but I’ll sum up as simply as I can:

• You are love
• He is love
• You are made of love
• Fear will try and trick you into forgetting the above
• Don’t bother fighting fear – just call love in
• Love is with you always, your job is to remember to look for me and call me in

Got it? Don’t forget now.


(Photo by Petr Ovralov)


Julie back again.

I’ve set up a Facebook Group which you might like to join.  It’s intention is  to create a space where we can share our experiences of connecting with our souls, listening to our intuition and honouring our inner wisdom.

Where we can co-create a place where we can feel at home to increasingly focus on our intuition and tune into what our souls want rather than listening to all the blah, blah, blah or chatter that the world tries to sell us and fill our heads with.

Where we can join together in sharing the moments when we trusted our intuition, when we spoke out from our hearts, when we acted in line with our values, where we created work and relationships based on our soul’s call.. .

Where we can inspire and support each other as we tune into our inner knowing and gain courage to walk our own paths. I’d love this to be a place where we can share inspiring music, art, words, movement, information and practices which help us connect more deeply to our inner wisdom. What inspires and connects you? Let us share your inspiration.

When we connect with soul family and soul friends, our inner wisdom get’s braver, our inner voice get’s louder and our inner knowing becomes clearer. In supporting each other we find support for our self.

The world needs us to connect in new ways;, in circles, without experts, without rule books but where we can explore the way we want to be in the world in an open-hearted, wise and soulful well.

Will you join me?

Love Julie

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