Don’t let anyone make you feel small.

For sure feel small by a tree

with a huge trunk to lean against

branches stretching skyward

roots to digging wide and wild.

Let this make you feel small and lean in for shelter

and a hug

Or let a rock make you feel small as it holds up the sky

feels its age, its solidity and feel humble by its side.

By all means feel small by a river as it floods

and carves its path through land

feeding, creating, destroying, carrying, depositing

as it flows

But a person

like you

and me

who wants to make you feel small

is none of these.

They pretend to be huge when they feel small

they want to sink you low to feel high

make you feel fragile so they feel strong.




and low,

we need not fear their shadow

but nod

and step around them

and continue with our