We have watched three things in the last few weeks all of which see the earth destroyed.  Di Caprio’s allegory called Don’t Look Up is about scientists who see an asteroid heading towards earth while the politicians obfuscate, manipulate and serve their own interests (which of course, could never happen in real life). Moonfall, which was frankly terrible, we gave it a two out of ten, is about the moon coming out of orbit and heading towards earth.  Then finally the glorious Umbrella Academy on Netflix in which one of the characters triggers another asteroid which heads towards earth.

As we walked from Moonfall, muttering and re-writing the plot, youngest son saw the links between all three things and said ‘They are all about how no one is listening. And no one is’.

No one is.

Which is Di Caprio’s painful point.  ‘At least we tried’, says one of the characters, and they had tried to wake people up, get them to take aversive action, to try and influence the government and decision makers.  The character finds some comfort in knowing they did what they could to try and make a difference.

All three films are alluding to the climate crisis, where we all know things are bad, that the climate crisis is something that will happen in the future, but is already here, now. Fires, floods, plagues, pestilence, famine, human displacement, species extinction, supply chains failing and yet, climate still isn’t in the news, instead we are entertained by Boris the buffoon or bastard depending on where you stand on it.

‘No one is listening’ he said.

I used to have a reoccurring dream of being shut inside a glass bubble watching everyone having a good time, whilst I screamed and cried to be included, but no one was listening. I would wake up sobbing.

I wonder how it feels for our children to know that we can see what is happening but are doing nothing.  I wonder how it feels to know that the earth is burning and melting and the adults are having parties, bickering and competing for who is right.

I wonder what we will say we did to protect them and the world of future kids?


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