I just love it when Life takes a lead!

Although I’ve years of experience of training, facilitating, coaching and supporting, business and how to tell people about what I do is all new to me and something I get support with.

Once a fortnight I get some great coaching from Angela and last time I talked to her about what I wanted my ‘niche’ to be and I came to the decision that I wanted to focus on families going through divorce.

Why? Well I am divorced and I’m the child of divorced parents. I already do a lot of one to one coaching with children and young people going through family splits and my PhD researched the effects of divorce and separation.

As I closed the door to Angela, I checked my emails and there waiting for me was an email from a stranger asking if I worked with people going through divorce! I said ‘yes’.

Then the children and I have been on a road trip to see friends over the holidays and nearly everyone we have seen is going through a divorce or separation.

On the way back from the trip Woman Magazine got in touch to talk to me about my divorce (more of which later).

Then on the way back from meditation last night, a mum was asking if I could support her daughter through their separation.

A lot of the people I meet at holistic holiday center Kalikalos are single parents.

Finally, the book I’ve been writing since the last book was finished and out there, is on a positive approach to divorce and separation.

So, it seems that Life agrees with my decision – I love it when that happens. Divorce has caused some of my saddest times, I love that it’s now going to do some good in the world!

  • What is it that people come to you for? Which skills? Which experiences? Which knowledge?
  • Which of your experiences could you share with the world to move it from fear to love?
  • What is it already about you, that people value and are drawn to?

Thank you for reading.




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