Blended Families

A couple of weeks I wrote about my experience of the start of going to relationship therapy.  I’m exhausted after each session from the emotion of it all but actually the ‘aha’ moments are coming in the spaces between the sessions and one of my ‘aha’ moments is about blended families.  To understand why … Read more

Divorce….What if…

Divorce. Just wondering…what if the amount of divorce and single parents households were linked to World War II?

What would it have been like to pack your child onto a train with their teacher, never knowing if you would see them again?

What would it have been like to be that child, wrenched not only … Read more


This is a blog to thank Susan for reminding me of what I knew and had forgotten – doh!


Chunking is a concept from Neuro Linguistic Programming to help us get things done.

Chunking up is when we make the job, challenge, concept or task bigger by combing it or exaggerating it in order … Read more

Women and Divorce

I’m in the middle of writing my next book which is about how to make the best of the end of a relationship whether it is ending through divorce, separation or bereavement (they are more similar than you might think).

As you know, I’m divorced and I know lots of people who are also divorced.  … Read more

Wanting More More More

Remember that song: More More More (or am I showing my age here?  The video is so 70s it will make you laugh and cringe)

One of the pieces of feedback I got from the blog about contentment was how easy it is to keep looking for more, rather than being content with what we … Read more


My former therapist used to say ‘when someone starts talking about money, food or sex, pay attention, because they’re really talking about love.

See what you think?  I think it definitely tells us something about what we value and where we invest in ourselves and others.

I went on a splurge this week which is … Read more

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