This is less of a blog than an information sharing post because I’m now running more retreats, Red Tents and workshops.  I have added an Events page to the site which I will keep up to date.

I’ve been running Red Tents in Oswestry since September and I’m running one in Ledbury in December 1st. Red Tents are women’s gatherings which you can find out more about here. 

Oswestry Red Tent 2017 – Coed-y-Go farm SY10 9AT On New Moon Fridays 730-9pm

  • 22 September      Find out how our first Tent went here
  • 20 October
  • 17th November    Read about what you missed here
  • 15th December


  • 19th January
  • 9th February
  • 16th March
  • 13th April
  • 11th May
  • 15th June
  • 6th July


‘It’s wonderful that I always find inspiration when attending these events and talking with people I haven’t met before.’

‘I Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the great ideas and activities you are sharing in this Red Tent .   I’m finding it enriching and enjoyable so THANK YOU !!   Looking forward to next month already,’


Ledbury Red Tent – Friday 1st December, 730-9pm -£5-£10

The Inner Place yoga studio, Homend Mews Ledbury

Then Zoe Jones has organised this amazing event to support child and adult mental health.  Again it’s in Oswestry and the free workshops are listed below.

Mind, Body, Spirit Fair –   Sunday 3rd December  2017

Oswestry Memorial Hall – admission and workshops free.  I’ll be doing a workshop on Stress.


I ran a Hygge retreat last weekend in Oswestry focusing on self-care and reflection on the year which is ending.  People said; ‘

‘You brought together some lovely people’

‘I felt at ease’

‘Great location, clean, beautiful, peaceful, a treat, looking forward to the next one.’

 Retreats 2018

I’m in the process of planning more retreats on the following themes.  You might want to save the following weekends and get in touch via email about anything you are interested in:

Retreats 2018 – 10-1230 am, £15, Coed-y-Go farm, SY10 9AT

  • Sunday 4th February – new beginnings
  • Saturday 24th March – reclaiming our inner power
  • Saturday 28th April – relationships
  • Saturday 23rd June – celebration, appreciation, strengths
  • Saturday 22nd  Sept – harvest
  • Sunday 21st Oct – endings, ancestors and memories
  • Saturday 24th  Nov – Hygge


I also offer work based courses:

Community Courses at The Marches Training School

19th October 2017 – Stress Management

Learn what stress is, why we respond the way we do and how to lower your stress levels.

7th December 2017 – Coaching skills.

Coaching is a set of tools and attitudes designed to help people flourish.  Come and experience the power of coaching and take some new tools away with you.

18th January 2018 – Well Being

Take time to focus on yourself and your well-being and make practical, possible changes to your life style.

21st March 2018 – Effective Teams

Explore what makes a great team and how to play to each other’s strengths

3rd May 2018 – Difficult Conversations

Do you have to hold people to account, manage them or live with them!  Come and learn how to create positive outcomes out of the difficult conversations you have.

14th June 2018 – Build your confidence

Take time out to discover and reflect on your strengths and talents so you value and appreciate yourself more

5th July 2018 – Endings and New Beginnings

Whether you are moving house, changing jobs or ending a relationship, we all find change hard.  Come and learn more about the process of change and how you can use it to support yourself and the other people involved.


I’ve just finished writing the first draft of a book on domestic abuse.

I have interviewed 7 women, about their experience and have woven their stories with mine to create a joined narrative of the phases of abuse.  I really want this book to be read, to help women in abusive relationships to leave, to help those who have left, to recover and to educate women so they can avoid these kids of relationships.

It is for this reason I am asking for your help.  Would you be able to work with me on bringing this book into the world and getting it to as many people as possible?  My interest is not in making money from the book, indeed, I am happy for any proceeds to go to the charities supporting victims of abuse.  My interest is in doing whatever I can, to help where ever I can to ensure that women and children are safe.

My dream

In 2019 I’d love to run a week long retreat either in the UK or abroad.  I’ve qualified in Indian Head Massage so as well as coaching and training will be including massage, meditation and yoga (which I will be training in from January).

I also have a mad idea, that if you want me to come and run something near you, then ask.  If you can gather the people then I will do what I can to get to you to lead mini-retreats which we can mix to your needs using any of the ingredients here.  Maybe as an alternative hen night or birthday party or just a treat for you and your friends.

These circles of people are what I love to do and where I feel like I can bring a little more light to the world through holding them.  Join me.

I look forward to hearing from you.




If you enjoyed reading this please share it with friends. You might also be interested in talking to me about coaching , or maybe try some of my online courses (some are free), or treat yourself to a climate protecting pamper with vegan friendly, organic Tropic which supports the planting of forests and education in deprived areas.
Thanks for being here.