The kids and I were watching The Ant Bully, or rather, I was doing yoga whilst half watching it.  We’ve seen it before, but after 3 months of dark nights we are running out of new viewing.

This time, there was a scene that stuck with me so the next day I transcribed it as younger son, with good humour, endlessly pressed pause and rewind until between us we had got it.  This dialogue takes place as an ant and a boy (who is the size of an ant) look out over the human city.  Zok is the ant and Lucas is the boy:

Zok:      So this city of yours it’s like a nest?

Lucas:   Yeah kind of

Zok:       So the humans who live there are all brothers working together for the greatness of the colony?

Lucas:   Well not exactly, it’s more like every man for himself.

Zok:       But that’s so primitive, I mean how does anything get done?

Lucas:    Some people work together ….

Zok:        Some. Why not all?

Lucas:     I suppose it’s because there are differences

Zok:         But it is their differences that make a colony strong.  Foragers, scouts, drones, nurses, regurgitators, all are different but an essential part of the whole.  This is where we ants draw our strength.

And this blog ends there because the message is so clear.

What more can I add other than I wish more of us thought and lived like Zok the ant.

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