The many stories of covid

I’ve always been a reader and a writer filling exercise books of horse and ballet stories when I was young.  But it was when my parents got divorced that I learned for myself, what I would later learn to be postmodernism, deconstructivism at university.  I learned from my parents that there were multiple narratives.


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Women’s Wisdom – How we create magic in the world.

Where and how do we connect with wisdom?

I know one man who is a sufi and goes on retreats in the Alps for a week.

I know some men who make a monthly commitment to running a sweat-lodge.

I have met a swami who travels the world sharing his meditations and wisdom.

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Torn – Diving into the tear

Last week I wrote about how torn I felt about not going to the sweatlodge and it was one of those blogs which hit a chord with a number of women.


Thank you to those of you who replied because those conversations and email exchanges have helped me think about this some more.  Thank … Read more

Suffering, wisdom and compassion

A couple of people got in touch after the last blog wondering how and if they should tell their story.  These on one hand are normal people, raising families, going to work, living life; nothing special.  On the other hand, these are people who have really lived through some hard stuff and come out the … Read more

Sweat Lodge For Peace

I’ve been going to a sweat lodge.

A sweat lodge is at one level just a tent with hot rocks in it in the middle of a field filled with about 30 hot, sweaty, muddy people, most of whom don’t know each other.

At another level it is one of the most deeply moving and … Read more

Dangerous Old Woman

I’ve just been listening to a podcast about the Dangerous Old Woman on Sounds True By Clarissa Pinkola Estes (CPE).

CPE describes the Dangerous Old Woman as one who goes where she wants, says what she wants and will speak her mind.  She is afraid of no-one, follows no rules, but listens to her own … Read more

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