What is well-being?

Well-being is such an over used, vague phrase but we all know the difference between feeling healthy, relaxed, rested and glowing and feeling down,  anxious, tired, worried, irritable, overwhelmed, lacking in confidence, isolated, alone, hopeless, lost, confused or stressed.

Well- being days

So how can we ensure our well-being?  I do yoga, I walk, I write, I meditate, I try to eat well and get outside. And sometimes I don’t.  I invest quite heavily in my own well-being, paying for my own coaching, supervision, training and yoga.  It all adds up and I want to bring well-being to as many people possible in a meaningful, yet affordable way.

Who is it for?

Schools  –   Staff and pupils, boys and girls, parents, leaders, support staff – everyone!

The days work really well with issues such as friendships, exam pressure and stress, low-confidence, self image, team building, developing leadership and improving performance.

See it as a school trip for the kids or a training day for the staff, except I come to you.  You send out letters to the students’ parents to get permission and collect money or use Pupil Premium funding and I simply invoice you.

I’m CRB checked, first aid trained and have my level 3 safeguarding certificate.  I am qualified, insured, supervised, a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the British Wheel of Yoga. I was a consultant for the National Strategies for Social and Emotional Learning and am an outstanding facilitator on the NPQ programmes. In short, you’re in safe hands.

Organisations who want to invest in staff well-being

Invest in staff well being and lower absenteeism and boost staff morale.

Groups of friends

Get a group of your friends together, book a village hall and take a day to focus on your well-being without having to spend huge sums of time or money.  Bring and share lunch and support each other in looking after yourselves.

Celebrations and life transitions

Pregnant? Retiring? Hitting a mile stone birthday? Getting married?  Why not launch yourself into your new phase the healthiest and happiest you and your friends and loved ones can be?

Community groups

Churches, playgroups, guides and scouts.  The days work with parents and kids together, with grandparents and elders, all are welcome.

As long as…

My only rule is that the people who are on the course want to be there and have not been in any way forced to attend.  This is especially important for children, who adults may feel benefit, but need to commit themselves. 

​What does each day include?

  • Each day will include all 5 areas of Maslow’s hierarchy explored through drawing, thinking, writing and play.  The focus of these areas will change according to the needs of the group.
  • We will also do some yoga to tune into our bodies.  Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities with the focus on our own physicality, how it feels and responds.
  • Mindfulness is based on thousands of years of meditation experience and knowledge.  We will share our food and drinks mindfully and learn some breathing techniques to help focus and sooth mind and body.
  • Eco-therapy is the experience of  being mindfully in nature with research based benefits.  We spend some time connecting with the outside world and thinking about how we are affected by the times of day and seasons.
  • We will draw on cognitive and behavourial techniques to help us address stress.
  • There will be coaching questions and activities for people to work with alone, in pairs or in groups.
  • There is no pressure ever to join in an activity or share something you don’t want to share.  There is lots of time for reflection and discussion as well as action planning,  for change only happens when we do or think something different.

‘I’ve just been through a tough patch at work and so this course has helped me identify my strengths and my confidence has increased so I’m more able to address issues as they arise.’

‘We forget to be creative as we go into adulthood but because I felt so secure, and there was such honesty in the room, I was able to open up and develop, to rediscover the real me. No one influences you to follow what they think, and you become more yourself than you thought you were. I’ve realised I can change into the person I want to be…I’ve had so many ‘oh yeah’ moments!’ 

What’s my offer and how much does it cost?

I hate those websites where it all looks amazing but then you don’t know how much you are going to have to pay until you have committed with an email or a contact number.  So here’s mine up front.

I run well-being days. I charge £1000 + expenses for a 6 hour day, usually from 9-3 for groups of up to 20. This includes the meal time and break times, as we will use these as opportunities for mindfulness practice.

You provide the space (big enough to do yoga in and sit in a circle) and I will bring yoga mats, pens, paper, and anything else we need.

How do I book?

Get in touch with me here and I will send you a form to complete asking about what the focus of your day would be: physiological needs, stress, belonging, self-esteem or self-actualisation (reaching our fullest potential).  Every day includes all of the 5 aspects but the focus can be adapted to suit your group.  Once you have returned the form we will talk by phone or Skype, and only when you are really happy with what the day will include, will I send you the booking confirmation and payment details.

So what now?

Drop me a line telling me what you want and what you need as well as your context (school, group etc), where you are based and what you would like the focus of the day to be.  Remember there is no commitment until you have filled in  the form I send you and we have talked about it and tweaked it on the phone.

Julie Leoni well-being Oswestry, Shropshire

‘This course is for you, me, the person walking down the street, any age. I do not/did not meditate, I had not read self-help books, I just fumble along though life but this course is about empowering, ie finding ourselves (which sounds very alternative but it isn’t, don’t worry)’

 ‘Book it as it is well worth it’ Senior Learning Support Assistant


Is there any follow up?

Yes!  Book another day later in the year to see how people are doing.  Also, an ebooklet of materials will be made available to participants on my site after they have completed the day.

I look forward to hearing  from you.


P.S. To find out more about me and my qualifications look here.

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