I am autumn

I am 50.

I am autumn.

I am the jet streams trailing against the sky. I have traveled far and my journey is not yet done.





I am abundant. I am maturing and can provide sustenance  for myself and others.  I have all that I need.






I am autumn. I am interested in the subtleties of life.  The black and whites are too bold, too simple, too brash for me…I see the delicate nuances, I look with care. I pay attention.




I am autumn. I am shedding what I no longer need so that the light can shine in.



















I am autumn with my wrinkles and dry skin. I have lived a life in sun and rain, and I am part of natures pattern and rhythm.











I am autumn. I am the witching moon, listening to dreams, intuitions and casting spells.  .




I am autumn.  I am the vibrant-radiance of the morning sky.




I am autumn with my shadows and my deep, dark places. I am autumn, I am bright and intense.  I am dark and light. I can shine light into the dark places without fear.





I am the autumn flood. I am emotions which overflow.  I am the river which wants to break through the banks that confine me and find my own course.









I am the autumn bonfire; the burning fire of hormones. I am warmth, compassion and companionship.  I am the fire of truth burning ever more fiercely to incinerate falsehood and all that is superficial




I am the red of blazing fury, of passion, of the desire to live ever more fully as life shortens.




I am the power of reflection, for myself and for others.




I can see things more clearly; increasingly I see through illusion.





I am part of this huge mystery.

























I am autumn, I claim her as my own.






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