Yoga training: Oswestry

OK, don’t worry, this isn’t me..I’d love it to be, but my yoga is much more ordinary than this.  I’m 55 for goodness sake so the days when I might have got my legs behind my head are long gone!

But here’s 13 reasons why I like yoga:

  • I am much more in tune with my body – I can feel emotions in my body much more strongly and this has been really helpful feedback in situations. Becoming aware of my emotions as they impact on my body gives me really strong guidance about what is going on for me and how I need to respond.
  • My posture is better – my shoulders are less often up around my ears and are more often down and back. I walk taller and feel more elegant
  • My eating has changed – I’m not dieting or even thinking about what I eat, but I am more aware of what my body is feeling and needing and when I tune into this it has changed what I want to eat.
  • I feel like I have more energy
  • I feel calmer and more centered
  • I can focus better- when I do some of the poses I notice that when my mind wanders, I wobble, and this helped me focus more in the moment and in my body
  • My yoga mat feels like home – where ever I put it, it feels like ‘my space’. I associate it with time to myself and feeling calm and so just putting the mat out brings those feelings to the fore
  • I feel stronger – not just because I’m mastering some weird balances, but because I’m trusting my body and my intuition more
  • My stomach feels flatter – I haven’t lost weight, but I am using my stomach muscles more effectively
  • I am more aware of when I am having thoughts from my ego or critical thoughts – they make me wobble. If I look at my shadow or reflection; I wobble. I am most balanced when I just focus on the muscles working in my body and forget about how ‘well’ I am doing something
  • I have learned to take my time – I enjoy holding poses and feeling the stretch
  • I am more flexible – I can touch my toes and it feels so good to flex and bend
  • I feel happier – life has the same amount of ups and downs, but I feel more content and a deep level, less easily shaken by the storms

Yoga, Oswestry, Shropshire

So I’m teaching it, in my local village hall schools and as part of my well-being work.   Get in touch for details of the local, weekly class.  I also offer one to one sessions, yoga for your family or a group of you and your friends or colleagues.  I charge £50 for an hour if you come to me for a one-to-one or £60 an hour if you gather a group of up to 5 people and I come to you for an hour in the Oswestry area.


I really like your adjustments as otherwise I just don’t know what my body is doing’

‘You always offer modifications so I never feel like there are things I just can’t do’

Positive review about Yoga training received in Oswestry

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