What’s Your Thing? – Conversations with people about the things that inspire, interest and excite them.

Welcome to ‘What’s your Thing?’ A new podcast about people’s passions, ideas, pass-times, missions or life-styles to inspire us.



What’s your thing? – Letting the world rewild us while we rewild the world – Deborah Richmond – Join me in hearing Deborah’s amazing story of how a piece of land and a course on water led her to a new life in Portugal where she is re-wilding the land while it re-wilds her.

What’s your thing – Cajun music, travel and following the your passion with Jock Tyldesley – Jock Tyldesley plays fiddle and banjo, specialising in the old-time and cajun music of the southern United States. He has been a professional musician since 1990 and toured all over the world with various international artists. He also makes rather good hot sauce…so join me in conversation with him this week.

What’s your thing? – Permaculture with Steve Jones – Join us as Steve Jones takes on his journey from a small farm, through an economics degree to Africa where he found permaculture which has changed his life and thousands of lives globally.

What’s your thing? – Movies, going for it, having fun and taking risks with Yolanda Lynes – Yolanda Lynes is an actress and performer and in this conversation she tells us how, by having a go and having fun, she made her way from a small market town on the Welsh borders to a Marvel film.

What’s your thing? – How Eckhart Tolle is changing my life with Steve Watts – In this conversation Steve Watts, actor, musician, father, teacher sheds all these roles to share his experience of how the work of Ekhart Tolle has helped him heal from pain and create joy in his life.

What’s your thing? – Travel and the moral complexity of it with Emma Gore – Join us in conversation about what travel has meant to us but also how we struggle with the moral conflict of about getting on a plane in these times of climate crisis.

What’s your thing? – Self worth and awe with John Perry – Join us meandering through parenting, bereavment and the power of nature as John discusses the difference between self-worth and self-esteem, guilt and shame and the power of awe walks.

What’s your thing? – Equine Facilitated Learning with Rosie Withey – Join me in a conversation where Rosie explains how Equine Facilitated Learning helps you connect with your true intentions, feelings and inner wisdom in the presence of horses. Horses just are. They communicate through subtle language and energy and can help you to honour your own vulnerability. Simply being in a horse’s presence can show us how to listen to ourselves and relax into a similarly calm state of mind. Discover how horses can help you feel clearer in mind and purpose and better able to develop meaningful, healthy relationships.

Join me for this conversation with Iain as he not only talks about what Dungeons and Dragons has added to his life, but how its depth and complexity create a space for re-imaging ourselves and how we show up in the world.

You might know Susan Earl from her roles in Red Dwarf, So Awkward, Reggie Perrin or as Christopher Dean’s mum in the Christmas special of Torvill and Dean. She is a comedian, actress, writer, single mother and my friend. In this conversation we talk about parenting, feminism, writing, misogyny and holidays and how, through comedy and laughter, we can find connection and comfort through even the hardest of times.

This is a conversation about community, magic and manifestation with Dorota Owen. In this conversation Dorota talks about Findhorn, honesty and the art of alchemy; her ability to make something appear where there was nothing before!

Join me in coversation with Ruth Cato as she explains what Shamanic healing is, how she came to it and what difference it makes to her life and the lives of the people she works with.

Gemma Hargreaves; a normal woman, juggling work and home, who gets up in the dark and paddles along canals before work on winter mornings! Find out why and how this and her triatholons started and how, even you, might try something you didn’t think you could do before.

Liz was the Mary Poppins who saved me in my single parenting early years. I found out about her Quakerism through her actions and not her words. In this conversation she shares her story of what Quakerism has meant for her and why the process of deep listening and silence is so much needed in this world. To listen click here or below.

In this solstice conversation with Parcifal Solomon we journey into the woods, with our feet in the dirt to explore consciousness, connection and the nature of reality. Listen here or below.

Michael Sclater is one of the warmest, wisest people I know. He is a sufi and a psycotherapist, a maker and a thinker and it was a joy to talk to him about his forthcoming book on how to cure depression through love. You can listen to it here or below.

My conversation today is with Sami Blackford who started her journey to creating Freya Luna Skincare as a teenager with acne. Join us as we meander through lavendar, women in business, organic growing and how to value what we do. You can find out more about Sami and Freyaluna here: https://freyaluna.co.uk/

Ceri Evans of Turiya Yoga talks about her yoga journey.

Ceri is the person who got me into yoga 4 years ago. She inspires me, not just in how she teaches but how she lives. In this podcast she tells us about what yoga means to her, how it has changed her life over the years she has practiced it and what it might offer at this time.

You can find out more about Ceri and contact her at Turiya Yoga.

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Introduction to the podcast. All episodes are about 30 minutes long unless otherwise stated. Click on the links to listen.

Denial, decisions, covid and climate change

Falling in love with nature

Sniffing my way forward

I want a full life, not a busy life

We can’t wait for politicians to tell us our priorities; we have to decide for ourselves

What domestic abuse is, how to spot it, how to help someone out of it (1 hour)

Ask ‘what if’ and listen to the answers (6 mins)

Using covid to help us re-write the story – What do we want to leave in our cocoons and what do we want to grow? (13 minutes)

What schools needs to do when they re-open to look after children’s emotional and psychological needs (7 mins)

Bereavement; what it is, how to live with it and how to support others through it

‘The Guest House’ (Rumi) meditation – welcoming all our emotions

Easter/Ostara meditation on new beginnings using the chakras

Understanding and reducing anxiety: practical tips

Meditation on grief

WWW.diary – ending your day focusing on the positives (9 mins)

Understanding what stress is and how to reduce it using cognitive and behavioural techniques

How about having a technology free day? (3 mins)

What are you hungry for? (9 mins)

Cocoon meditation

Being in the moment meditation

How to start your day in a happy way (7 minutes)

Why you shouldn’t watch the news (10 minutes)

Family visualisation to your very own magical land.

Meditation and soothe

Meditation and body awareness

Meditation on freedom

Family mindfulness and emotional awareness

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