Grounded Wisdom – The Art of Not Knowing

These Strange Times

Covid, Black Lives Matter, collapsing economies, pandemic, uncertainty, social distancing, threat, loss, stress.  There is certainly a lot of change going on all around us and I am hearing lots of people either talking about feeling angry, anxious, scared and sad at how things feel at this time.

Joanna Macy talks about three stories: ‘business as usual’, ‘the great unravelling’ (where things fall apart and there is chaos and disorder) and finally ‘the great turning’ where we start to live life more sustainably, for all humans and all of our planet.  I can see all three playing out at this time and so wanted to share with you what has been helping me live with this uncertainty.

The process builds your own mental health and resilience whilst also deepening your connection with the wisdom of your body and the natural world.


A brief introduction to this 7 step process

A longer introduction for those of you who want to know more.

I mention the following people in the video above:

Linda Kohanov

Joanna Macy who is on many podcasts and has so many resources.

Gabor Mate

Grounded Wisdom
The Art of Not Knowing

A free 7 step programme to help you navigate uncertainty through connection to your body and the natural world

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