What if – confession caused depression?

I was talking to a friend who was brought up in a very catholic community.  He was telling me that many of his school friends suffered from depression and/or addiction of some kind (particularly to alcohol). Which got me thinking about why that should be.

What would it be like to go to church every … Read more

Wanting More More More

Remember that song: More More More (or am I showing my age here?  The video is so 70s it will make you laugh and cringe)

One of the pieces of feedback I got from the blog about contentment was how easy it is to keep looking for more, rather than being content with what we … Read more


The clocks have gone back and we are at that time of year where it is very possible that we don’t get to see the outside in daylight.

I hate it.

I’ve never been diagnosed but over the years I’m pretty sure that I suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is when our … Read more

Bananas, Harry Potter, depression and guilt

Hasn’t it been hot tonight? In fact, we even had to hide from the sun after yesterday’s hours by the lake, at the local sports and then watching The Crucible wrapped in our blankets in the open air…one of those golden days I’d like to bottle.

Memories are so important.  In the year after the … Read more

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