The Freedom At Fifty (or before!) Course

Fifty isn’t an age anyone looks forward to.  The peri-menopause kicks in and all hell breaks loose.

  • Do you feel like some of your younger dreams are forever gone?
  • Do you feel restless or stuck?
  • Do regrets or resentments seep into your thoughts?
  • Do you want more time to yourself?
  • Are you sick of being responsible and dutiful and taking care of what everyone else needs?
  • Have you spent years overworking, not taking care of yourself?
  • Are you feeling super sad at your children leaving home or that the time for having your own children has now passed?
  • Are you single, divorced, separated or in a relationship which feels more like flat-mates rather than the lovers that you once were?
  • Are you crying randomly and waking up some days with an impending sense of doom and dread?
  • Do you feel like, even though your job and relationships are OK, you don’t know who you are anymore?
  • Do you long for freedom and adventure?

Here’s how I can help.

The Freedom At Fifty (or before!) Course includes tools and thinking which have helped others turn their lives around.

This on-line video course will provide you with theory, activity, and reflection.   You can listen at your own pace. Stop, start, revisit, take notes and try the activities at your own pace and your own time when it suits you.  The course will be going live before March so to register your interest for an early bird discount here by telling what the biggest thing you would like to change.

Since hitting 50 I’ve got into wild swimming including, even in the UK sea on New Year’s Day, I’ve written a book and sold out the launch and I’m writing regularly for Psychologies Magazine.

How would you like to make this your best decade yet?  How about having the best body you have ever had?  The most adventures?  The most laughter?  The most authentic friends?  

Now’s your time to stop doing what you ‘should’ and start doing what you want.  The Freedom at Fifty Course will set you on track to:

  • Feel amazing inside and out!
  • Have  vibrant and playful relationships 
  • Find what you love to do
  • Feel calm, peaceful and at ease
  • Laugh more and worry less
  • Feel courageous, empowered and fully alive

The course draws on story, creativity, archetypes, social learning theory and neuro-psychology to give you the understanding, skills, experience and support to make this transition into your fifties to be the gateway to more freedom.

Julie x

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