6 Steps to Relationship Recovery




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The end of any relationship is hard.  The end of a marriage, friendship, family relationship through choice or death can completely change our world and how we see our self. 

This book is full of stories, coaching tools and theory to not only help you make sense of what has happened and how you feel about it, but also to help you move into a consciously chosen future.

Step 1 – Protect – Focus on your health and your stress levels

Step 2 – Initiate – Sort out your finances and living space and set in place new, nurturing habits

Step 3 – Accept – Understand your relationship patterns, get comfortable with all the emotions that arise at this time and use them to guide you, and develop positive thinking strategies.

Step 4 – Connect – Reconfigure your social life and your support network, connect to your community and tune in to your intimate needs.

Step 5 – Transform – Use ritual, story and affirmations to turn this experience into a positive experience

Step 6 – Create – Clarify your values and focus forward on the life you want to live

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