I am living without wifi.

I am writing this from a friend’s house (thank you Jo) as we have had no wifi for nearly a week now and are unlikely to have it for another week thanks to an ‘upgrade’ (oh the irony!!).

So this is just a quickie but this is what I have noticed living life without wifi:

  1. There is more time as I’m not spending so much of it on line.
  2. I am more focused as I’m not being distracted by messages.
  3. Children have the perfect excuse to not do homework – the encyclopedia Britannica that my mum and sad saved so hard for just won’t cut it!
  4. I’m reading more.
  5. My phone bill (surprisingly) is still the same (I thought it might go up)
  6. I feel disconnected – I miss my friends, many of whom are on line
  7. I can’t write stuff and get it out to people to read.  Yes I know I can write it in Word and then post it in batches but the formatting is an issue and it takes away my sense of direct communication with you (I’m writing this live).
  8. We can’t find out what is on TV that night so then we argue – P says put the TV on and find out and I don’t want to in case we get sucked into the abyss that is mindless TV watching.
  9. I can’t book stuff – like accommodation..which is good as I can’t spend money but which also makes me feel a bit trapped
  10. I can’t find out more about things that interest me..there’s nothing worse than wanting to google something to check it out and not being able to
  11. I can’t buy stuff – (which reminds me while I’m here I need to buy a book!)
  12. I can’t download podcasts which are one of my pleasure when driving into work (I’m busy downloading now)
  13. My mobile signal is shocking: 4G or not..in the Welsh Hills EE just don’t reach far enough!
  14. Real life friends are crucial as well as on line friends or whose house would I use to write this (just kidding..I love my friends..not just for their wifi
  15. We are playing cards more so it feels a bit like being on holiday (apart from the wind, rain, work…)
  16. I like the work I do on line and miss it
  17. I have less ‘alone’ time which I usually get when I’m writing on line..
  18. I’m going to bed earlier as there is so little I want to watch on TV and I would usually watch stuff on line
  19. P is getting increasingly agitated by the lack of wifi for his work..but he’s doing better than I ever thought
  20. It’s amazing how much you can get done on line if you focus: I’ve been here for 2 hours and nailed loads (Note to self – when we get wifi back..do blast blocks of time on line rather than little dribbles)

So that’s it..I have loads of things I would blog about but I can’t do the reflective thinking I like to do when I’m on a blast block..I need to be alone, with time and space to blog as I usually do….so I also notice that sometimes good enough is good enough!

I’ve missed writing to you ..hope you’re all OK.

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